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Review: Avène Thermal Spring Water

I was in search for a facial spray and going to try Evian when a good friend of mine highly recommended this product. She was (and still is) crazy about this product, so I thought I’d give it a try.

So, what is Avène Thermal Spring Water really? Avène Thermal Spring Water comes directly from a spring located in Avène, a small town in southern France. The spring water, which has gone through natural purification process, has been clinically proven to have soothing and skin-healing benefits. The main ingredient of all of Avène’s products is the water from its thermal spring water. More about Avène Thermal Spring Water here

It comes in three sizes of white hairspray-like cans: 300ml, 150ml and 50ml. I spent IDR 220,000 for a 300ml can (other sizes: 150ml for IDR 160,000 and 50ml for IDR 98,000). When I purchased this product, there was only one can left sold at Jayanata Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya. Guardian at Tunjungan Plaza apparently carries more of Avène’s product lines, not just the Thermal Spring Water, but the price is pretty much the same with Jayanata.

This product is suitable for all skin types, albeit being targeted for sensitive skin. Below are the uses posted on

I’ve been using it as: 

1.  A facial spray during hot days
It’s really generally hot here in Indonesia. However, in all the cities I’ve lived, Surabaya is the hottest. Some days, it can even get to 41ºC. It even feels hotter than Jakarta. During the really hot and humid days, I tend to break out badly. I break out less after using this product. Even if I break out, the pimples dry up faster when I use Avene Thermal Spring Water. I sometimes put it in the refrigerator to get more refreshing effect. 

2.  A toner + to reduce redness 
I spray it on my face after I clean my face, before I put on moisturizer. It helps hold the moisture longer. This works really wonderful especially after exfoliating my face. It calms and soothes the redness due to exfoliating.

3.  A post-shaving/waxing relief 
In order to prevent post-shaving and post-waxing irritations, I just spray this product since this product calms and soothes the redness. 

4.  A sunburn relief
Everyone who once got a sunburn must know that sunburn is severely uncomfortable. A while ago, I got a sunburn on my back neck. I sprayed the area with this product. It didn’t heal the skin but it significantly calmed and soothed the stinging skin. I now use this as a sunburn prevention whenever I’m going to be exposed to the sun more than usual. 

5.  A makeup finishing spray
Pretty nice as a finishing spray, unless you’re looking for a matte look. Just spray a small amount on your face. It takes away that powdery look and make your skin look naturally dewy. 

6.  A relief for bug bites bump and itchiness
I usually use Cajuput Oil as general bump and itchiness relief. I did give Avène Thermal Spring Water a try since I heard it worked great for bump and itchiness relief too. It did help soothe the bump and itchiness but just a little though. 

Overall, this product does work like a charm but the price can really make someone think twice, if not more. It’s expensive for a can of, well, essentially… water. Thus, I’ve been trying to use it sparingly. I bought the 300ml can six months ago and I still have more than half a can. I will definitely repurchase. In fact, I already purchased for supplies. However, I probably won’t purchase it here in Indonesia if I really don’t need to. Why? Well... I just got back from Singapore a few months ago. As usual, I took the chance to get any products that weren’t available here in Indonesia. I heard that it was cheaper in Singapore than in Indonesia so I, of course, went to check it out. I went to Nge Ann City and ION. And guess what? Watsons had a promo. The 300ml can was sold as a twin-pack bundle for SGD 29.90!!! Also, SGD 19.90 for two cans of the 150ml and for three cans of the 50ml. I bought the 300ml for supplies.

Is Avène Thermal Spring Water really worth the price? Has anyone of you tried it to restore damaged skin?

[Update April 2014]: Although I’ve been using it more often than before, there’s still a little product left. I’m still on my first can! I just got back from Singapore last week. Watsons and Guardian in Singapore are still selling this product in bundles. I bought the 300ml for supplies (again). I gave a can for my cousin to try since she had been wanting to get her hands on the product for a quite a while. 

[Update November 2014]: I've now been using this product twice daily as a toner since I bought more supplies in April (I have three cans now). I finally emptied my first can and moved on to my second can. 

[Update December 2014]: I've been using my second can since last month. There's half a can left now. I've been using it more than three times a day now. I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia earlier this month. I wanted to check out whether in KL Avene was sold in bundle promo like the ones in Singapore or not. I went to Suria KLCC since it was the nearest mall from the hotel I was staying at. I went to both Guardian and Watsons. Guardian didn't have bundle promo but they have a 'buy 2 get 1' promo for the 300ml can for MYR 107.10. Watsons, on the other hand, did have bundle promo but not exactly the same as the one in Singapore. Watsons in KL sold Avene in two kinds of bundle promo both for MYR 118: three cans of  the 300ml + free 15 facial mask sheets + free one can of the 50ml, and two cans of the 300ml + free full size Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel + Avene Cleanance trial kit (sample sizes of Cleanance's toner, gel, and emulsion). I bought one bundle each. My aunt and my cousins are now using Avene too. :)


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