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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Merlin (

Title: Merlin
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Original Broadcast Network: BBC One
Broadcast Period: 20 September 2008 - 24 December 2012
Season(s)/Episode(s): 5/65

Main Cast:
Colin Morgan as Merlin
Bradley James as Arthur
Angel Coulby as Gwen/Guinevere
Katie McGrath as Morgana
Richard Wilson as Gaius
Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon
John Hurt as The Dragon

The Story:
Merlin is a series based on the Arthurian legends. Different from the traditional story, this series is about Merlin, a young warlock, whose destiny is to help Prince Arthur to become the great king.

Merlin comes to Camelot to stay with Gaius, the court physician. He becomes Prince Arthur’s servant after saving his life. The series focuses on the relationship between Merlin and Arthur in order for Merlin to fulfill his destiny to make sure that Arthur becomes the once and future king who will bring forth the great kingdom of Albion (Great Britain).

My Thoughts:
I re-watched this series so I can finally do a review. Although it was not exactly the same as the traditional stories, as a fan of the Arthurian legends, I enjoyed watching this series. To those who are not familiar with the legend, the handsome Arthur and the Knights can be a reason to watch this series.

Also, there was sword-clanging action in almost every episode. Although there was a love story between Arthur and Gwen/Guinevere, it did not focus on the love story. So, do not expect for a cliché love story. The relationship between Merlin and Arthur, which was usually depicted in a dark way, was shown humorously with Merlin being bullied by Arthur.

The story started with Merlin trying to gain Arthur's trust but then gradually became darker with enough portions of love story, action, and humor to keep it away from serious dullness. I like the series but I think that it was a right decision to end it in the fifth season. I didn't really like the ending though. I was hoping for Merlin to perform some epic magic tricks especially in the last episodes but they, in my opinion, were not THAT epic.

When I first watched the series, I love it, especially because I'm a sucker for Arthurian Legends. However, after re-watching it, I changed my mind. Yes, I still like it. But do I love it? Sadly, no.

What do you think about the series?

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