Review: Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Primer comes in two types: Perfecting Primer and Color Correcting Primer. It is stated that Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer can be used “to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smooth skin texture and tone” (

This is my first time using a primer. I had to wait for a month since, at that time, it wasn’t readily available yet in Yogyakarta. I got it from Matahari Department Store at Galeria Mall for ± IDR 150k.

It comes in a 27ml clear glass bottle with a black plastic pump and clear plastic cap. Yes, it is hygienic but I find that the glass bottle rather annoying. It’s difficult to control the amount of product you get – one pump is not enough for me, but two pumps are too much – and it’s not travel-friendly. Also, if you don’t use it often, the leftover product in the pump head becomes dry and slightly hardens, and you can’t use them.

Sorry for the dirty plastic cap!

I have oily-combination skin and prone to breakouts. My skin will get greasy and my makeup would be gone in an hour or so. So, last month, I tried the primer for a week (it was a pretty busy week).

The pale pink primer feels like a slightly watery paste. It’s easier to apply if you first use a moisturizer. Once it is applied, my skin feels matte and rubbery smooth. I don’t know about lines because I don’t really have lines, but the primer cover up my pores and really gives a smooth canvas for the foundation. After 5 hours, my skin was not greasy only slightly dewy but my makeup stayed perfectly all day long, which was AWESOME. However, after 7 hours or so, my face would become really greasy and my pores were really visible. After a few days of using it for about more than 5 hours, I started to break out really bad. I stopped using it for a week, then tried using it again but not as long. I still broke out. I still use it though, but only when I need to keep my makeup in its place for a longer period.

Since this is the first primer I’ve ever used, I can’t really say that this is better than the other primers out there but it’s rather okay if you want an affordable primer, especially if you live in Indonesia.

[Update October 2014]: I have been diligently looking after my skin lately and doing the Korean double-cleansing method. I noticed that if I used this product and then did the double-cleansing method, I didn’t break out even after using it for several days for long hours. Back then, I only used facial wipes for eyes and then just washed my whole face with foaming cleanser. I think I broke out because I didn’t clean my face thoroughly.

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